Thursday, 21 May 2015

Afternoon Tea at The Willow Tea Rooms

The Willow Tea Rooms, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Afternoon tea at The Willow Tea Rooms

Cakes at The Willow Tea Rooms

The Room de Luxe at The Willow Tea Rooms

Room de Luxe at The Willow Tea Rooms
About a month ago, when my family was here visiting, we went to the Willow Tea Rooms for afternoon tea. I had been before, but only for tea and cake and never for a full-blown afternoon tea, so I was buzzing. We had been saving ourselves all day and were starving. My mum and I were the only ones who had had afternoon tea before, so it was really fun to introduce the others to the tradition.

The Willow Tea Rooms were designed by the famous Glaswegian architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1903. There are actually two tearooms, one on Buchanan Street and one on Sauchiehall Street. The latter is the original, so of course we went to that one. The successful business woman Kate Cranston commissioned Mackintosh to design her tearoom on Sauchiehall Street back at the turn of the century, and it used to occupy the whole building, whereas today it's a bit smaller. We were seated in the "Room de Luxe," with its spectacular throne-like chairs and beautiful windows looking out onto the street below. You used to have to pay more for a seat in that room, but now it's just a matter of luck where you're seated. The other room is lovely too, but less bright and airy.

The afternoon tea itself is very classic, but delicious. You get a selection of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, shortbread and then your choice of cake and your choice of tea. Their tea selection is extensive, so there is definitely something for everyone. I opted for lapsang souchong, which is one of my favourite types of tea. The sandwiches were delicious, and about half of them were vegetarian. The cakes, although not very extravagant in their appearance, were also delicious, but the best part was definitely the scones. Light and fluffy, with a buttery flavour, served with clotted cream (I've got so much love for clotted cream) and lovely raspberry jam. I wouldn't mind having them again right now!

When was the last time you had afternoon tea?

Love, Mimmi.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy Post #19

A forgotten photo from my last post.

Happy Sunday! How are we already halfway through May? I feel like this spring has just flown by, in a whirl of revision, people visiting and other stuff. After more than a month of having exams and revision looming over me, I now only have until Wednesday until I'm off uni for the summer. Which of course, brings me to my first happy thing -

Almost having finished first year. I really have no idea where this year has gone and it feels almost surreal that it's almost over. I was petrified when I first moved here, but I've settled in pretty well, and although it hasn't been all sunshine and daisies, I feel like I'm in the right place, doing the right thing. So yeah, only three days of revision and a 1,5 hour long exam to go!

My sister being here. She's moving to Glasgow too (yay!) and got here on Tuesday. While she's finding somewhere to stay and so on, she's staying with me, which has been really lovely. Having someone around who you can be completely yourself around is pretty wonderful. Over the last few years she's been living in Japan and we haven't seen each other more than one or two times a year, so I'm really looking forward to having her closer from now onward.

Re-watching Pushing Daisies. I watched it the first time a couple of years ago and loved it. The other week when I was looking for something to watch, I decided to re-watch it, and honestly it's just as good now as it was then. It's so random, weird and quirky, but very charming, funny and occasionally rather deep. But mainly it's just a bit of light-hearted fun.

Spending money on food, coffee and cake. While nights out can be fun once in a while, I feel like it's much more worthwhile spending the little money I have on visits to coffee shops and restaurants, which is what I've been prioritising over the last month or so. Love it. Plus, I have quite a few blog posts in store.

How green everything is. We haven't been treated to the best weather recently... not the worst either, to be fair. Usually, a day will offer both rain and sunshine, clouds and blue skies, and lots of wind. I guess that's just Scotland for you. It's been quite chilly, but at least everything is becoming greener by the minute, and there's something really uplifting and calming abut the lush greenery. Despite the questionable weather, it does feel like late spring.

Finally, here are five blog posts that I've enjoyed reading recently:

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Exploring Pollok Country Park

Pollok House, Glasgow

Pollok House Restaurant

Pollok House Restaurant

Pollok House Restaurant
Pollok Country Park

Pollok House

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Tulips in Pollok Country ParkPollok Country Park 

Bluebells in Pollok Country Park

Rhododendron in Pollok Country Park

Rhododendron in Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park

Highland cows in Pollok Country Park
Last Monday we were given a break from the grey, miserable weather that had been around for a while, and were treated to a wonderfully sunny day. My friend Alice and I decided to take advantage of the weather and headed to Pollok Country Park, which is located a twenty minute bus ride from Glasgow's city centre. The park is Glasgow's largest park and only country park. It used to be part of the Old Pollok estate, home to the Maxwell Family for seven centuries. From the 12th century onward there were three different castles in the park, until in 1752, when the current Pollok House was built. In 1966 the Maxwell Family gave the park and the house to the City of Glasgow. Aside from Pollok House and the beautiful gardens and woodlands, there is also the Burrell Collection, a collection of art held in a building in the middle of the park.

Alice and I arrived before lunchtime, so when we reached Pollok House, which is about a ten/fifteen minute walk from the entrance, we decided to give the restaurant a try, which is located downstairs, in the old servants quarters. Both of us opted for a sweet potato soup (which was delicious but not very photogenic, hence the lack of photo), and then shared a lovely carrot cake. To see the whole house, where the family used to live, you had to pay a fee, so we decided to skip that in favour of being outside in the lovely weather. After our lunch, we spent a couple of hours exploring the park, with its flowering gardens and green woodlands. We visited the Burrell Collection, which was very random and varied but interesting, and spotted the cutest little baby Highland cow (Highland calf...?). Once we took the bus back to Glasgow, we were both rather exhausted from walking and being out in the sun, but it was a really lovely day. It was wonderful to get a good dose of nature. 

Love, Mimmi.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Summer To-Read List

I know it's only the beginning of May, but considering how quickly time flies June will be here in the blink of an eye, so a Summer to-read list might not be way too out of line. I'm really looking forward to getting a few months where I can read for pleasure without feeling a tiny bit stressed out for neglecting my coursework. I'm planning to take advantage of this and get through some books that I've wanted to read for quite a while. Firstly, although not shown in the wee collage above, I'm planning on re-reading Harry Potter. I've read all of the books numerous times, but it has actually been almost thee years since I last read them, which is just outrageous, so I definitely think it's about time! I listened to the two first one on audiobook a couple of months ago, so I'm just going to read number three to seven, but I'm childishly excited about stepping into the world of Harry Potter again. 

Then, I'm planning on tackling the ones pictured above. Quite a few of them are classics that I've been meaning to read for ages, like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, A Clockwork Orange, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Little Women. Since I love Jane Eyre so much, I really want to give Charlotte Brontë's Villette a go, which I've heard is every bit as good. Similarly, since I adore The Great Gatsby I want to read more of Fitzgerald's works, and I think I'm going to start with Tender Is the Night. Then there are the more recently published books that I've heard so much about but haven't got around to reading; The Secret History is supposed to be fantastic, so although I thought The Goldfinch was overrated, I'm going to give it an honest chance. After watching Parks and Rec earlier this year I've become a big fan of Amy Poehler, and I really want to read her Yes PleaseFinally, When God Was a Rabbit is a book that I heard so much about a couple of years ago and have been meaning to read ever since, so I'm hoping to finally get around to it this summer. Is it weird that I'm almost as excited about buying these books as I am about reading them? 

Have you read any of these books? What are you planning on reading this summer?

Love, Mimmi.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Two Times at The Elephant House

The Elephant House, Edinburgh

The Elephant House, Edinburgh

The Elephant House, Edinburgh

Sandwich and latte at The Elephant House, Edinburgh

Tea and cake at The Elephant House, Edinburgh

Tea and cake at The Elephant House, Edinburgh
I'm sure a lot of you (if you're massive potterheads, like me) know about The Elephant House. For those of you who don't know, The Elephant House is famous for being the café where J.K. Rowling sat and wrote the first Harry Potter books. I think I've been to The Elephant House at least a handful times already. The first time I went mainly because I'm such a big fan of Harry Potter, but it's become a go-to place whenever I'm in Edinburgh's Old Town and want a light lunch or an afternoon treat. I've been two times over the last month - once for tea and cake with my friend, and then for lunch (focaccia with brie, mango and apple - different but very good) with my family. It's definitely worth visiting if you're a potterhead, but it's also simply a rather lovely café. It's decorated with elephants of every shape - elephant photographs, elephant sculptures and even elephant books. The inner room is the nicest, so do try and get a seat there. It's open and spacious, with wooden furniture, plenty of plants and large windows with a beautiful view of Edinburgh castle. It's almost as if you're sitting on a veranda. As for the food, they've got a large selection of sandwiches, salads, pies and other warm food, as well as plenty of cakes, and also many types of tea, coffees and other drinks. It's a good place to go if you're a vegetarian, with a good selection of veggie options. Now, the food and the cakes might not be the very best that I've tried, but they make the cut, and considering the perfect location near Royal Mile, and the nice atmosphere, it's still a place I like visiting. If you're ever there, make sure to visit the toilet - there's Harry Potter graffiti covering every single wall and you'll risk staying in there for a little longer than planned, reading every single thing.

Love, Mimmi.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Happy Post #18

Blossom outside the University of Glasgow

Happy Sunday, everyone! How has your week been? I don't know what it's like where you are, but spring seems to have called it quits. It's chucking down with rain here in Glasgow today. If it weren't for the blossom and everything becoming greener and greener, you could almost think it's the start of March with the weather we're having. But oh well, there's no point in complaining, is there? This post is a happy one, after all. I've had quite a rough time over the past week, so this post really couldn't have come at a better time. I'm all for letting yourself be sad for a time, but it's also important to cherish the good things in life, isn't it?

So, lately these things have made the everyday a bit more bearable...

My wonderful family. Firstly, I had an incredibly lovely time when a few of my closest relatives were here visiting, and it was so good to spend some quality time with them. It was difficult to say goodbye, but thankfully they're only a skype call away. I'm so thankful that my parents and my sisters are always there with wise and comforting words and support me no matter what. Okay, enough with the sap.

Getting through my first exam, namely the one for English literature. Exams really aren't my thing. I just can't think quickly enough and get too stressed out. I didn't feel like I did very well, but at least it's over and done with, and there's nothing I can do about it now. My next exam is in ten days' time, and thankfully it's not as demanding as the English lit one.

Finding a pair of sunglasses that I actually really like. This might seem like a silly thing, but it's kind of a big thing for me. I've always hated sunglasses and how I look with them on, until last week when I found a pair in Topshop that I love wearing. They're in a dark tortoise shell print and subtly cat-eyed. They're not too uncomfortable and I actually find them flattering. Score!

The comfort that is a cup of tea. With the colder weather returning, and since I've just been staying home most days, I've been drinking even more tea than usually. Instead of drinking two to three cups like I normally do, I've been drinking at least four cups. And I love it.

Avocado. When I moved into my student room and started buying my own groceries, there were certain things that I told myself I couldn't buy on a regular basis because they were too expensive. Recently, I've gone back on my words again and again. I started buying almond butter regularly a couple of months ago (can't live without it!), and over the last couple of weeks I've bought avocado quite a few times. It's just so good! Especially mashed on toast with a sprinkle of sea salt...

The new Mumford and Sons album. At first I sort of missed the banjos, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I love that all the songs have still got that distinct Mumford & Sons sound while simultaneously being a bit new and different. Needless to say it's been on repeat over the past couple of days.

Finally, here are five blog posts that I've enjoyed recently:

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

4 x Motivational Words

(Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

Sometimes life gets tough. We all have those times, don't we, when certain things are difficult and everything feels sort of rubbish. I think the best trick for feeling better is speaking with your loved ones, but I also find that inspirational quotes can help me get a new perspective and make it easier to stick it out. I spend a lot of time on pinterest, which is a wondrous source of inspiring quotes and typography. Here are four favourites from my board of words and quotes.

Have you come across any inspiring quotes, words or images recently?

Love, Mimmi.
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