Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lunch at Kember & Jones

Kember & Jones Glasgow

Kember & Jones Glasgow

Kember & Jones Glasgow

Kember & Jones Glasgow

Kember & Jones Glasgow

A couple of days ago my sister and I met up for lunch during the two-hour break I head inbetween classes. Since moving to the other side of university I've walked past so many nice new places, and I have resolved to try as many as possible of these. Naturally, my sister is my chosen accomplice for these excursions. Kember & Jones was high up on my list, as it is precisely in my taste. It's a lovely, airy place where you can get light lunches, cake, coffee and bread. 

We decided to have lunch and both opted for the soup of the day (we tend to always want the same things - we've got too similar tastes!), which was carrot, coriander and something more. It was wonderfully creamy and delicious! With that we got a basket of assorted breads, all of which were really good. In our usual fashion, we decided to have cake afterward, and had a beautiful chocolate cake with a filling of raspberries and some sort of light chocolate-y mousse. Along with that, we had a cappuccino each, so I can confirm that their coffee is great.

It is a bit on the expensive side, but everything I tried was wonderful, and the space itself is so nice, so it's definitely worth it as a treat. The location is perfect for me as well - it's situated towards one end of Byres Road, just five minutes from the university, and not even ten minutes from home. So if you ever find yourself on Byres Road and want to have a small bite or some cake, definitely check Kember & Jones out! I know I won't be able to stay away for long...

Have you discovered any new gems near you recently?


Monday, 5 October 2015

I'M BACK + Life Lately

And boy does it feel good to be back! The lovely comments on my Blogging Break post really made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I'm so thankful for how understanding and supportive you lovelies have been. The blogging community is truly special! I missed blogging, and even though I probably should've probably taken a serious, full-out break, I found myself reading blogs, commenting, replying to comments and preparing future blog posts during my break... It did feel good to not feel pressured to produce anything interesting though, since my life recently really has just been about getting settled into new routines and getting about a gazillion things organised. 

Our flat has definitely started feeling like home. We live in the lovely Finnieston area, in the West End of Glasgow, just opposite the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. So far I love the area - it's close to the University, close to the Kelvingrove Park, and there are tons of restaurants and cafés nearby that I'm itching to try out!

After two weeks without Wifi, we finally had it installed last Thursday, which was such a relief! I felt so lost and helpless without Wifi at home, especially as a University student, and I had to spend an awful lot of time at the library and at Starbucks. We were originally going for TalkTalk but had lots of problems with them (I could ramble on, but I won't, because that'd be very boring), and after several phone calls which didn't actually help, we cancelled the order and decided to go for Virgin instead. The last tenants had Virgin, so installing the broadband was super quick and easy, and we got it the very same day that I phoned and made the order! 

I've also been adjusting to being at university - going to lectures, taking notes, reading, learning. I'm doing English Literature, Scottish Literature and English Language this year, and the courses all seem really interesting. English Literature this semester seems perhaps a bit too philosophical for my taste, but hopefully I'll be able to get my head around it. In Scottish Literature we're doing Medieval literature, which is very different but very interesting! English Language is a mix of grammar, phonetics and Old English, and being the language nerd I am, I really enjoy it so far. We had a language on runes the other day and I loved it. 

I'm also feeling much more settled with my new job. There is still a lot to learn, but I'm feeling more confident every day and I really enjoy it! At the moment I'm working more hours than I'd like (this week was particularly crazy), so I am feeling a wee bit stressed, but I'll be working less hours soon, which will be good.

Other than that? I'm loving Autumn. I can never decide what my favourite season is, but whenever Autumn arrives I feel certain it's my favourite. I love the light, the crisp air, the orange leaves, the snuggly scarves, the soft jumpers and the hot drinks. It's all so cosy

Anyway, how are you? How have you been?

Love, Mimmi.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blogging Break

With moving into a new flat, starting a new job and going back to university, life is pretty hectic at the moment. I also haven't got Wifi in my new flat yet. I might get it on Thursday, but there seems to be some problem with TalkTalk (ugghhh) so chances are I'll have to wait even longer, which is all sorts of annoying and frustrating. Because of all of this, I'm going on a wee blogging break for a week or two, until I get properly settled into my new routines and get more ready access to internet. I'll still read blogs and comment whenever I can, only not as often. As much as I hate just disappearing, I think it will probably be good to have a break. Hopefully I will come back refreshed and more motivated!

Love, Mimmi.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog Glasgow

It’s been a week now since I moved into my new flat with my sister, and although we’ve settled in nicely (despite a few annoyances like a broken oven and blocked sinks - that have now been fixed), we still haven’t got any internet. It’s all sorts of frustrating, and leaves you feeling very handicapped. I’ve had to resort to going to Starbucks or the Uni Library (where I’m at now) now and again, but still I’ve become so out of the loop. But I suppose that’s not altogether a bad thing! 

So for today’s post is a post that I’ve been wanting to fit in for quite a while, but haven’t got around to writing yet… until now, that is! 

Brew Dog is an award-winning Scottish brewery that does lots of different craft beers. They also have a few bars around the country, where they serve food along their craft beers and ales. The one in Glasgow is located just opposite Kelvingrove Art Gallery in the West End, which is actually very close to my new flat! I haven't been since I moved, but I visited twice earlier in the year - once in April with my mum’s side of the family, and then again in June with my dad and sister - and it’s definitely become a favourite.

I never used to be a big fan of beer, but I’ve learnt to love it - especially ales! Brew Dog has such a wide range of different beers that anyone is bound to find something they like. Out of the ones that I have tried so far, I really like the 5AM Red Ale, which is understandably a classic. The food they serve at their bar is also great. They’ve got a range of burgers and hot dogs, and although I haven’t tried the meat options, my family has assured me that they’re really good. The veggie burger is a vegetarian haggis burger with Scottish red pepper salsa and Isle of Arran smoked cheddar, and it’s really original and yummy. They’ve also got a vegan falafel hot dog, which I actually haven’t tried, but my veggie sister really enjoyed it. Along with your choice of burger or hot dog you get thin paprika fries which are quite addictive. The atmosphere is very relaxed and laid-back, and the staff is lovely, so if you find yourself near Kelvingrove Art Gallery and fancy some good beer and food, Brew Dog is a really good option.

Love, Mimmi

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Autumn Goals

Back in June I posted my summer goals, which was a post I really enjoyed writing. I've realised now that I was a tad enthusiastic with my goals, and didn't appreciate how little time I would have working full time, and how rubbish the weather would be most of the days I had off. I did tick off a few of my goals though - I visited Stirling castle, I had beer and wine outside (on those few lovely days), I visited one friend (a couple of weeks ago, in Linlithgow), I managed to read quite a lot, I wrote lengthier blog posts (some of which will probably pop up here later!), and I most definitely ate seasonally. However, I didn't get the change to have another picnic, go strawberry picking, swim in a lake or visit a farmer's market. It's a shame, but then there is always next summer! And now I'm welcoming autumn with open arms, so here are a few things that I aim to do over the next few months....

1. Start baking bread again. I used to bake bread all the time, using my trusty sourdough Rory (yes, that was its name... gold star to whoever can guess where the name comes from!). Then I moved to Scotland, and for a year now I've had to share a kitchen with other people, which killed my baking inspiration. Now that I've moved in with my sister, I'm excited to start a new sourdough (Rory Junior, perhaps?), and get baking again.

2. Make the most of the sunny days. I love sunny autumn days when the air is still crisp and chilly but the sun warms you up, and gives everything that lovely glow. I'm determined to make the most of the nice days by visiting parks and just wandering about outside, perhaps with something warm to drink.

3. In relation number two, I want to visit the Botanic Gardens regularly. Since I moved to Glasgow, the Botanic Gardens in the West End have become one of my favourite places, regardless of season. I love seeing the gardens change with the seasons, and I'm excited to see it in all its autumnal glory again, because it was last autumn that I first fell in love with it, after all.

4. Do my very best in my studies, and find a balance between studying, working, blogging and free-time. Last year I did quite well in my studies, which was probably due to how hard I worked, and I want to work just as hard and do just as well (or better!) this year. I'm certainly motivated, so I'm just crossing my fingers I won't find second year too difficult!

5. Get settled in my new job, and do my best with that, too. This goal is sort of related to my last one, I suppose, but I want to make the most of my new job and put in all the effort I can. I'm really excited about it!

6. Make our new flat feel like home. The flat is furnished, so it's impossible to make it 100% ours, but I want to make it feel as much like home as possible. We've already been to IKEA to buy some bits and bobs, and made a cheeky order from H&M Home, so I'm really excited to make my room cosy and personal.

7. Enjoy my hot drinks. Like pumpkin spice lattes, for example. Some people might roll their eyes at this, but I honestly love the PSL so much. There are very few things better than treating yourself to a sweet PSL on a cold autumn day! I'm also looking forward to enjoying hot chocolate and tea more. I drink tea all year round, but a warming cuppa is honestly more satisfying when it's cold outside than in the Summer.

8. Save some money. I managed to save a bit of money over summer, and I want to keep up those good habits. I'm planning a trip to London next summer, after all, and I would love to be able to afford another holiday somewhere next year! While also just saving for the future, of course (I know, I'm being very optimistic...). Is it weird that I'm sort of excited to start saving?

Do you have any goals for Autumn?

Love, Mimmi.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cockleroy Hill, Cupcakes & South Queensferry

Cockleroy Hill

Cockleroy Hill

Cockleroy Hill

The Cupcake Café

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge

South Queensferry

South Queensferry

It's time for the next part of my weekend trip to Linlithgow! In case you didn't see my last post, I visited my friend Heather last weekend, and she was a wonderful hostess who had planned tons of fun activities. On Sunday, we were up rather early, ready for another day of adventures. After having breakfast and getting ready, we drove to Cockleroy Hill which we then walked up to admire the gorgeous view. We were able to see all the way to Falkirk and the Kelpies in one direction, and in the other we could even see the sea! I love how the Scottish landscape is full of mountains and hills.

Once our legs were tired and our stomachs felt a bit empty, we drove to The Cupcake Café, where we had soup for lunch followed by some wonderful cupcakes. They had a wide range of flavours, like chocolate orange, cherry bakewell, red velvet, raspberry and white chocolate, lemon, and all sorts, so choosing a flavour was incredibly difficult, but in the end I opted for a coffee and walnut cupcake, which was delicious. If you're ever in the Linlithgow/Livingston, I highly recommend you check it out!

After lunch we went to South Queensferry, which is a very cute little town right next to the two Forth Bridges. The red bridge, featured in the photos above, is for the railway and looked spectacular sticking out from the little town. After a stroll through South Queensferry we headed back to the house. We were both pretty shattered after two days full of sightseeing, so the rest of the Sunday afternoon was spent lounging in front of the telly, and then having some dinner. It was truly a lovely weekend, and I was sad to go when I took the train back to Stirling in the evening!

Love, Mimmi.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Happy Post #26

Lavender and bumble bees

Happy Sunday! I know I say it every single time, but.... how is it already September? I honestly cannot understand where this Summer went! That said, I'm welcoming the new month with open arms, and I'm excited for everything that it will bring. Now onto what has put a smile on my face over the last couple of weeks...

Getting a part time job, and an unbelievably good one, at that! I've been on the hunt for a few weeks now, and I was so worried I wouldn't get anything (I tried in January, with no luck...), but I managed to get a few interviews and then finally a job! I start next Sunday, and I'm both very excited and nervous.

The lovely weekend I had in Linlithgow last week. You can read about the first day here, and the next instalment will be up on Thursday! It was really nice to get to spend time with a good friend, and to be shown around to interesting and beautiful places. A much-needed get-away!

Blackberries. In my last Happy Post I mentioned blueberries, and while I still love those, over the last week I've had blackberries on my porridge in the morning. They're so delicious! I love the balance between sweetness and tartness. Blackberries aren't as common in Sweden as they are here in the UK, so it's fantastic being able to buy them in grocery stores. They are a bit pricey, but it's worth it considering they aren't in season for long at all!

My new autumn/winter coat. I know, I know, it's awfully early to be thinking about winter clothes already, but I just can't help it. I spotted the perfect one a week or so ago in Next, but resolved to wait until I bought it.... only, a few days ago I noticed that my size in the Petite range had sold out online, and since I was scared the my size in the normal range would sell out too I just bit the bullet and bought it. It's a tiny bit long in the sleeves (ah, the woes of being 5'3"), but otherwise it fits like a glove. It's a dark navy blue pea coat in 50% wool, and it's gorgeous in all its simplicity!

And on that subject, the arrival of Autumn. Ah, I know, the Summer was rubbish. But to be honest that just makes me even more excited about Autumn. I swear I felt an autumnal breeze in the air on the 1st of September (although that might've been just because I knew it was September), and it made me smile. I'm excited for red and orange leaves, chunky jumpers, hot drinks, tartan scarves, pumpkin spice lattes (ssssh, I know it's a cliché, but I love them), and all the comforting stews and soups. Bring it on!

Exciting concert plans. Over the last few days I've bought tickets to see Admiral Fallow in November and Mumford & Sons in December, and I'm incredibly excited about both. Admiral Fallow is an indie band from Glasgow, and they're probably my favourite band ever, so I'm looking forward to seeing them the most. But of course I'm also very excited about seeing Mumford & Sons. I never thought I'd get the chance to see them, since they're so popular!

Visiting IKEA. In preparation for our move on Thursday and our new flat, my sister and I headed to IKEA yesterday to buy some bits and bobs. Going to IKEA always feels a little bit like going home to me, since everything is so Swedish and, well, familiar. It hurts to think about how much money we spent, but it's all worth it.

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What has made you happy recently?

Love, Mimmi.